Serving Education

Academically. Socially. Economically.

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We Are Different

Our process of engaging schools — coupled with our bundled services — provides the fastest, easiest, lowest-risk, highest-impact way to go solar.


The Sun FundED Story


Our Process 

Using our S.C.A.L.E. program, we manage the entire process of bringing solar to your school. As an education services company, we remove all the risk, work, and challenges, expediting the process so you can experience IMMEDIATE academic, social, and economic benefits.


Why Solar?

We see solar as a vehicle to positively and tangibly impact educators, students, and the communities that you so faithfully serve. 

July 2018

"If we do it through any other group, there's a capital cost. With Sun FundEd, there won't be."

- School Superintendent 


Act Now

It no longer takes years to get solar. Partnering with Sun FundED means you can get started in weeks.