Our Purpose is to
Serve Schools


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We all know solar will save you money, but with other solutions, you have to pay for it. Schools have demanded a different model. We have answered. No more RFP, capital expense, variable billing, extra charges, or long processes. You save more immediately and long term with Sun FundED than with any other model. By bundling multiple schools and streamlining the process, we are driving the best possible value for our schools.



This innovative service uniquely aligns the interests of the communities you serve — including your schools, students, teachers, and taxpayers — in addition to utilities, installers, and capital partners.

The focus of Sun FundED is to build a legacy of sustainability in this generation and generations to come.

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Meet SAMI Solar – inspired by you to bring solar off the rooftop and into the classroom. Sammy is here to champion the solar experience with you through interactive energy dashboards, kiosks, curriculum, and most importantly, fun in the sun!


Ready to get started?

Sun FundED will handle everything needed for your school to go solar, including:

  • Competitive Bidding

  • Financing

  • Insurance

  • O&M

  • Monitoring

  • Service

  • Warranty

  • Billing

We handle all the complexities, allowing you to simply enjoy the academic, social, and economic benefits solar provides. With Sun FundED, you can focus on what you do best: education.