An Education Services Company

Tangibly impacting schools academically, economically, and socially through solar energy. 


We invest. You save immediately and long term.

Sun FundED, along with our capital partners, invests cash into your solar project. Using our process, you are no longer responsible for bonds or bank loans, and won’t have to give up your savings. We assume all the financial risk of funding and delivering your project.


We bring transparency.

The solar market is fractured, divisive, expensive, confusing, and overly complicated. We bring light and transparency to the process so you can feel confident that you are building a legacy that enriches your classroom, school, and community in the most efficient, timely, and cost-effective manner.

We collaborate with you, your school board, counsel, State Board of Accounts, and school associations throughout the process so you’re involved in all aspects of the project.


You are the hero.

By choosing Sun FundED, you are saving your faculty, staff, and school board the time, money, and headaches associated with bringing solar to your school. Our job is to absorb all the complexities so you can experience all the benefits.